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Board Stiff - The most boring places in the world - Revealed.

16th November 2018

A report came out recently which declared the 11 most boring places in the World.

Ironically given the subject matter it was an interesting read.

Liechtenstein made the list as did Singapore, Canberra and Brussels, oh and Birmingham.

The report declared the places were ‘bleak’, ‘miserable’ and even ‘like Pyongyang in North Korea but without the dystopia!’.

Our own favourite was a town called Boring in Oregon, USA, which has been brilliantly paired with the hamlet of Dull in Scotland.

On the subject of being bored, we’d like to mention why having a For Sale BOARD outside your property isn’t at all boring (did you see what we did there?).

We never force our boards on any of our clients. It’s totally their choice and we understand that some people don’t like or want them outside their property.

But speaking from years of experience selling homes boards continue to work well in grabbing people’s attention and building interest in a property – whether it’s being sold or let.

In our digital world it’s now often a case of someone seeing a board, jumping online for more details and then contacting us if they’re interested in it.

Do you think any of our surrounding areas should have been in the top 10?

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